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YUAN 5ml (Silver)


NT$ 299



Product Description

■Key ring design, practical, lightweight, and portable

■ 5 ml lightweight capacity, about 80 sprays when filled

■Not only alcohol, lotion, perfume, hypochlorous acid water, anti-mosquito liquid or deodorant fragrance can be installed

■Aluminum shell type, with glass liner inside, which combines fashionable and beautiful elements, and also solves the troubles of bulky, fragile, and inconvenient glass perfume bottles

■Small and can be hung on the bag, never forget to carry it

■With a lightweight funnel for better packaging

■Fashionable shape, full of style for any occasion

■Aluminum alloy anode treatment, durable and not easy to change color


Filling & using method:

① Pull out the glass jar from the aluminum shell and unscrew the glass jar

②Pour the liquid to be filled into the glass jar using a funnel

③Tighten the glass jar to make sure that the liquid will not overflow, and stuff it into the aluminum shell

When in use, press the nozzle to spray.



① Please avoid filling and using corrosive liquids.

② If filling flammable liquids such as alcohol, please avoid placing it in a high temperature place to avoid the danger of explosion.


Product specifications

Material: aluminum alloy, plastic, glass liner

Dimensions: diameter 18mm, height 90mm

Capacity: 5 ml (approximately 80 sprays)

Weight: 33 g

made in China

※The above specifications are subject to the actual product, the original manufacturer has the right to change

★There are three colors of gold, silver and black

★Can be used as a key ring

★A small weapon for epidemic prevention, which can be disinfected at any time

★Alcohol can clean tableware, objects, etc.



** Please avoid using the product alone for children under 12 years old

** The computer screen may cause the color visual effect to be inaccurate, the color should be subject to the actual receipt of the product

** Within one year from the date of shipment, if there is a non-human factor product problem, the company provides free product warranty. If the problem cannot be solved online, please send it back to our company for processing.

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