LEXUS 「SIMPLE Chopsticks」

Stainless steel matte surface treatment, matched with bamboo chopstick rest, with natural colors, presents a simple and modern style of Zen.

Taipei MRT "MRT Eco Chopsticks"

In cooperation with the Taipei MRT, the image of the MRT carriage is transformed into the chopsticks of the original works II and original chopsticks III.

Golden Horse 51 Awards Ceremony Guest Gift "Pen Chopsticks"

The Golden Horse Film Festival Committee selected the “Pen Chopsticks” and “YUAN Chopsticks” designed by Huanyuan International Co., Ltd. from the winning works of the Golden Point Design Award as gifts for the Golden Horse Award attending stars and guests from various countries.

Proposal for CCI products of the National Palace Museum

Print the gluttonous pattern on the bottom of the chopsticks. Integrate the characteristics and culture of the cultural relics of the Palace Museum.


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