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ChopstiX III (Red)


NT$ 380



Product Description

【ChopstiX III】

* SGS non-toxic certification ~ pen-like portable chopsticks

Two-section portable chopsticks, aluminum alloy octagonal cut surface design for grip easily.

The cap-shaped chopstick cover can not only store the chopsticks, but also be used as a chopstick rest.


* Can be placed in pencil case

It is close to the length of a normal pen, and can be easily placed in a pen bag to carry with you.


* Can be clipped on the bag

The chopstick cover can be clamped anywhere in the bag.


* Can be clipped on the pocket

The chopstick cover can be clipped on the pockets of shirts and coats, so it is not easy to forget to carry it.


* Colorful, easy to identify

There are six colors: red, green, iron gray, black, brown, and purple. You would not  take the wrong chopsticks when dining with your relatives and friends.


* Green concept packaging

The packaging design uses the same proportion of a pencil box to create a pen-like portable concept. The product instructions is designed to be printed and folded with a piece of kraft paper with environmentally friendly soybean ink.


* Product size: 13.5cm (without cover), 14.2cm (with cover) Assembled size: 21.5cm

* Chopstick head material: 304 stainless steel 

* Origin: Taiwan



**Please avoid using the product alone by children under 12 years of age

** Do not use the chopstick handles near the fire source or in the dishwasher (drying), microwave, oven, oil pan.

** Do not bend the parts forcefully when using the chopsticks.

** Losses caused by improper use of this product or failure to follow the instructions are not within the scope of the company's warranty.

** Please clean it with a neutral detergent when using it for the first time.

** The computer screen may cause differences in color visual effects. Please refer to the actual received product for specifications and colors.

** Within one year from the date of shipment, if there is a non-human factor product problem, the company provides free product warranty. If the problem cannot be solved online, please send it back to our company for checking (TAIWAN island only).

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