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  • [Announcement] Orders during the annual holiday will be shipped from 2/7 after the year

    The Spring Festival holiday is coming, thank you very much for your support this year, and I hope you will continue to support in the new year, and the shipping time will be 5:00 pm today. Orders placed during the annual holiday will be shipped from 2/7 after the year, and will be sent to you as soon as possible~

  • Wow house customized experience activities

    In order to give back to the old rain and new knowledge, and to let new friends know more about Wow house's operation model and the magical customer creation system, Wow house will hold a free experience event at the Taipei 101 5F ticket office. Event registration link: (or click to enter) ◎Registration Deadline:110/4/08(四) 18:00 -------------------------------------------------------------------- ◎Event date:110/4/09(五) ◎Activity time:上午 11:00~12:00 ◎Event Location:Taipei 101 5F Observation Deck Ticket Office -------------------------------------------------------------------- Brief description of the activity: 1. After reporting to the venue on time, there will be a 5-10-minute interactive commentary on the Kechuang experience: explaining the business philosophy of Taolewu and how the Kechuang vending machine operates. 2. The experience activity lasts for about one hour, and there will be service personnel to assist in completing the customer-created experience. 3. The event experience record will be uploaded to the FB official fan group. Participants who come to the Kechuang experience event are welcome to pay close attention 淘樂屋 - WoW HOUSE。 If you have any questions, please call 【Customer Service Tel: 02-27662289】

  • New set is on sale

    From now on, you can doodle, draw, sign and type on the product, We immediately sculpt a unique and exclusive gift for you; Or write down your blessings and good words, and we will immediately turn your signature, handwriting, and drawing creation into a priceless gift for the most important person~

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