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ChopstiX II

With "the smallest 7.8 cm in the world, the only mobile phone strap that can be made", environmentally friendly chopsticks that have never been seen before. After unfolding in the mini size, the chopsticks still have a practical length of 19.6 cm. The lightweight aluminum alloy material and the special patented "shrink-proof head" structure design enhance the durability and strength of the product, creating a pair of chopsticks weighing only 14g. Quantify the carrying weight.

Combining innovation with practicality. In the concept of product design, the lightweight "chopsticks" body is combined with the "Rice Grain--Mobile Rice" mobile chopstick cover with a mobile phone strap function, so that "Rice + Chopsticks" can be transformed into "Rice + Chopsticks" through the vocabulary of product design. "Food" + Environmental Action" combines Taiwan's "Rice Food Culture" with the "Environmental Action" Lohas spirit. At the same time, "Yuan Chopsticks II Portable Chopsticks" has become the first representative product of "Eco-friendly Chopsticks" in the "Yuan Design" commercial market.

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