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- 2012 Gold Pin Design Awards
- Golden Horse 51th Awards Guest Giveaway
- 2014 Cultural and Creative Star First Prize

Design to reduce product manufacturing process, material costs and improve product sophistication and practicability, making it a cheap boutique that most people can afford. The design concept combines "using a pen" and "using chopsticks", which is the spirit of craftsmanship with design research and development, so that a streamlined pen can be turned into a pair of chopsticks and a chopstick holder.  It can be expanded and stored quickly like a magic show. The traditional food utensils also have an amazing experience.

PenstiX has a total length of 15.7cm and a weight of 15.5g. The pen holder design of "the middle is the chopstick rest; the ends are the chopstick bodies" allows you to easily put it in the pencil case, accessory pocket or anywhere on your body. Both ends are retractable three sections of 7.8 cm chopsticks body, which can have a practical length of 19.6cm when unfolded; the middle chopstick rest, through clever weight distribution, has a "tumbler" automatic balance function. The groove of the chopsticks can always face up without rolling arbitrarily, allowing your chopsticks to be placed on it easily and gracefully. Incorporating "simplified" aesthetics and excellent carrying functions into this product, the concept of carrying chopsticks can also be popularized among the people who love to use fine products!

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