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YUAN Spoon (Black)


NT$ 199




Product Description

■Titanium 304 stainless steel high-quality environmentally friendly anti-corrosion spoon, integrally formed, thicker materials, more durable!

■Meticulously polished and polished mirror surface, perfect arc-shaped handle, smooth edges, comfortable to hold, beautiful shape

■The spoon head is deepened and widened, with larger capacity, easy to use for adults and children

■Moderate length, easy to carry and clean when going out



* Length about 15cm

* The widest part of the spoon head is about 4cm

(Manual measurement may have errors, subject to actual receipt of the goods)

* Material: 304 stainless steel for food

* Made in China



** Losses caused by improper use of this product or failure to follow the instructions are not covered by the company's warranty.

** Before using for the first time, please clean it with a neutral detergent.

** The computer screen may cause errors in color visual effects. For colors, specifications and product sizes, please refer to the actual product received

** Within one year from the date of shipment, if there is a non-human factor product problem, the company provides free product warranty. If the problem cannot be solved online, please send it back to our company for processing.

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